Practical informations for pilots and their team

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Your subscription has been registered and you prepare to come in Bretteville sur Ay for the Sand yacht Championships.


First of all make sure you wrote Bretteville sur Ay on your GPS. There is not less than 6 towns which name begins by Bretteville Just in Normandy.




Centre de char (sand yacht center), 2391 rue de la mer F 50430 Bretteville sur Ay


Phone number : 33(0)233170404 / 33(0)638961930 (on service from september,19th).


GPS coordinates :


49° 14’ 33’’ N


1°   39’ 05’’ O


When you arrive on the spot, road signs will guide you. A one way road trafic will be put in place in order to avoid risky crossings and blockings in the “rue de la mer” (sea street : see map enclosed).


You can go directly to your accomodation or to the car park corresponding to the circuit you will ride on from sunday 25th (see below) or directly to the Sand yacht center.


In any case you have to confirm rapidly your subscription at the club, pay the eventual fees and options, order your food parcels or meals, obtain information...We will accept only cash or credit cards payments.


Reception and information desk will be opened till friday, september, 23rd from 9.00am to 7.00pm, and saturday, september 24th from 9.00am to 2.00pm.


On saturday 24th at 2.00pm, subscriptions will be closed and at 3.00pm the general briefing will occur under the tent. Attendance of everybody is required.


At 4.00pm the championship opening ceremony will begin by a procession leaving from the Sand yacht center (Centre de char).


During this ceremony, every country will be invited to pour sand from its country's beaches in a great transparent container, please think on bringing 1 or 2 kilos of your sand. Pilots are invited to the cocktail just following this ceremony. From 7.00pm, the self service and the refreshment bar will propose food and drinks. The musical group called “Troubadoors” will play during this first evening.


Training ride : as indicated in the programm, the time slots are restricted on friday and saturday due to the tidal hours and coefficients. This will allow everybody to attend the ceremony.


Races : from sunday 25th to friday 30th : daily briefing and then departures ruled by the Race directors (see planning).


Circuits distribution :


2 circuits :


The one called “Bretteville” : from Bretteville to Glatigny Surville


The one called “Denneville” : from Surville Harbour to the territorial limit of Denneville.


Class 2 and 3 will be on the Denneville Circuit on sunday 25th, monday 26th and tuesday 27th while Standart, Class 5 and promo will be on Bretteville Circuit.


On wenesday 28th , thursday 29th and friday 30th : circuits change :


Class 2 and 3 on Bretteville Circuit and Standart, Class 5 and promo on Denneville Circuit.


Daily podiums and surprise prizes : every day after races, at Bretteville, in front of podium  bus (or under the tent in case of bad weather). Time will be announced at the end of each race.


Parking areas : On the 2 sites, parking areas will be organized for pilots, their trailer and their sand yacht, visitors and volunteers. These areas will be free.


Pay attention !!!  In Denneville, class 2 and 3 sand yachts cannot run with their mast risen between parking areas and beaches because of trees above the road. Sand yacht have to stay on the beach (night watchman), or to uninstall the mast each time they run to the parking area during the 3 days they are in Denneville (no trees in Bretteville).


Catering :


Food parcels : sandwich (everyday different), cake, fruit or drinkable yogurt, water


To enable a better organization, thank you to reserve and pay your food parcels to our reception hostess. The parcels will then be delivered in the technical zones inbetween two sets.


Catering will also be proposed in Bretteville at lunch time to visitors and at dinner time the self service will propose complete meals (except on the 2 gala's night) at reasonable prices.


Every day, at the end of afternoons and races, sea fruits plates will be proposed with according drinks.


Refreshment bar will be opened all day long till midnight (except on tuesday 27th and friday 29th closing earlier to prepare gala's dinner).


Theme dinner on tuesday 27th :


Time and hour : 8.00pm in Lessay's Cultural Center, Route de Coutances, free parking.


Disguise on Viking's theme.
To enable everybody to participate, the organization comitee as decided to reduce social tickets price : 25€ (instead of 30€ as indicated on the flyers). Please transmit the information and book your places while confirming subscriptions (payment in cash and credit cards only).


Come as you are or as a Viking!


A well-known illusionist will come and fascinate you...


Please tell to reception if you need ride sharing and sober driver, Or if you can offer this service




Closing Dinner on friday 30th :


Same hour, same place.


Social tickets price will be 30€ (instead of 35€).


Results and prices for this week of races, championship closure.


In great discretion, a well-known artist will perhaps offer you a self portrait.


Town suit required.


Ride sharing as on tuesday.




Saturday, October, 1st : for the ones who can or wish, friendly and free sand yacht driving (no management) on Bretteville, Glatigny, Surville, Saint-Rémy-des-Landes and Denneville.


Thanks not to go out of theses zones and be carefull to other beach users. Also on the two days preceding the races.


Alcohol and doping controls may happen at every moment during races period .




Other informations:




moblie phone : the connexion is not good due to the proximity of Jersey's network. Your connection may skip to this network if you do not make sure and configurate your phone to limitate the network access.


You will sometimes just have to move a little to hear better. The operator looks for a solution.


Internet : free WIFI at Sand yacht center and at Denneville's tourism center (not high flow).


Cash distributors : Credit Mutuel at Saint-Germain-sur-Ay's beach (4 kms) or La Haye du puits (9 kms).


Bread and fresh “croissants” every day at “La Paillote” in Bretteville's beach.


Sand yachts parking areas : watchman for 8.00pm.


Free areas but non equiped for camping-cars : emptying and services in La Haye du Puits (9kms), Lessay (12kms) or Portbail (10kms).


Village : tourism informations, “terroir” products, gifts and souvenirs, animation on Bretteville site.




Possible visit programs for accompanying persons : La maison du biscuit, La Clé des temps, Fours à chaux, Cité de la Mer, etc...